December was a quiet month for us, with our honeybees all tucked up for the winter, and everoyne preparing for the festivities. However, we did still manage to get out and about and meet up with some lovely new bee friends and talk all things honey, honeybee and beekeeping related! 

We spent a wonderful day with 170 children under 5 years old, at Moorpark Pre5 Centre in Renfrew. They all enjoyed seeing like a bee and sampling some delicious local honey. It was great for us to see how their pollinator friendly garden was coming along too!

All go at Moorpark

Next, we travelled down to Annan Academy, where the pupils there are lucky enough to have their own honeybee hives and can enjoy being members of the Bee Club. It was their awards night and festive fair so many congratulations go to all the pupils who passed their Junior Beekeeping exam with us. Well done!!

Annan Academy Festive Fair