Replastic - October Update

Thanks to the wonderful support from Vegware, we are now able to move into a workshop space in Colchester town centre, where we will be more able to engage with our local community and, most importantly, get recycling. Before now we have had split our operations across several different temporary sites. But now Replastic will have a ‘home’ at Colchester’s MakerSpace.

MakerSpace is a facility with shared access to workspace and tools for making. Colchester’s Makerspace is setting up equipment that will provide the public access to Ceramics, Textiles and Printmaking. We are so excited to be moving into this shared workshop, where we will have a small private room for part of our operations.

Our work this month has been predominantly “behind the scenes” work, where we are getting ready our move. This has included very boring (but vital) health and safety assessments, adjustments to our equipment, writing up and reviewing contracts and, of course, cleaning and sorting plastic! All of this is in preparation to have part of our machinery accessible to the public to use at the MakerSpace, where everyone can have the opportunity to physically take part in recycling from start to finish.


By next month we should be settled into our workspace and, hopefully, have our first open day to the public!