Over the past few months we have been making adjustments to our shredder so that it has been safe for public demonstration. This month, before Christmas, we finally made most of these adjustments and as a test did our first public demo shredding plastic! This was to a small group of members at the MakerSpace, which included artists, architects, hobbyists and other local not for profits. During the demonstration, we shredded plastic milk bottles (HDPE) into small 5mm flakes. Everyone was so excited and couldn’t believe how this rigid plastic turned into silky soft flakes.

See the shredder in action

This demonstration was a really great test run to see how the public would respond and what changes we could make to allow it to be more interactive. We made loads of connections, and everyone was really interested in the many possible applications of this machinery. We are now looking into completing our second machine (the compresser) ready for public demonstration, and can’t wait to show people this next stage of recycling.