Whiffle Pig

Whiffle Pig C.I.C is a community interest non-profit company. It originated in Derbyshire, founded by Rachel Pratt and Annie Fielder in October 2012 as little arts and crafts stall, which they used to sell small projects. They worked together as a way to get over the bereavement when they both lost a parent. They would make little bespoke creations and then sell them on a rather bizarre stall; then donate the profit to charities they held dear.

As time went on they realised the comfort they received from the making process would be beneficial to other experiences any kind of loss. As Annie had worked in the art therapy sector voluntarily for over a decade at that point she wanted to support people creatively but using a different style – the key being to listen – with that the Whiffle Pig Method was born. Our motto “You can never under estimate the power of kindness, manners and laughter” is the core of all of our projects which now run over many hospital wards and within the community.