Three Hares Woodland

We are a community woodland located in Auchendinny, Midlothian. Our purpose is to look after Three Hares woodland in a sustainable way, improve biodiversity, provide education, and nourish good health.

Community building and nature conservation are at our core. Our integrated vision of regenerating the land and nourishing good health can create community solidarity, strengthen the local economy, increase access to the outdoors and provide skill training.

Our core aims are:

a) Education: To provide education and upskilling opportunities around conservation, rural skills, heritage, and community health for empowerment and development.

b) Biodiversity: To conserve and enhance Midlothian’s natural environment through native woodland creation, building bird boxes, managing grassland for pollinators, and much more.

c) Sustainability: Working with the community to deliver sustainable solutions that help protect the natural environment and build community resilience.

d) Health and wellbeing: To promote good health and wellbeing for building individual and group resilience, confidence, and connection.

e) Access: To undertake the physical infrastructure necessary to enable open access to the woodland, organise activities that encourage greater access to the outdoors and establish diverse partnerships which connect minority/hard to reach communities to nature.