Picture4Vegware are currently sponsoring Matteo Perrucchini to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic for charity!

Matteo is facing the challenge of rowing from the Canary Isles to Antigua, completely unassisted and 100% self-sufficient to raise much needed funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and Associazione Italiana per la Lotta al Neuroblastoma. He has taken supplies with him to last 100 days, and as he will be rowing 14-18 hours each day, he must consume 6000-8000 calories so there is a lot to pack. Vegware’s Community Fund has provided all the packaging Matteo will need to make up his daily ration bags in the most environmentally conscious way possible. In exchange for this donation, Matteo has even offered to put our name on his boat … a first for Vegware!

We just received the following update on Matteo’s trip so far …

“Happy New Year from Sogno Atlantico. Unfortunately due to bad weather the start of the race was delayed from 15th to 20th December. Matteo started off well but got caught in a storm around Christmas. We hope the worst of the weather is now behind him.

The last couple of days have seen calmer seas so Ive attached a power point with some photos for you, most are taken on the ocean with a couple on land showing the snack packs ready to be loaded on the boat.”

We will be kept up to date on Matteo’s challenge on a semi regular basis so watch this space for more news on his journey!

UPDATE (02/02/16) –  Here is a quick update on Matteo. Matteo has now been at sea for 44 days. In this time he has covered nearly 2400nm there have been good times (he has seen whales, dolphins and various fish) and more challenging times (seasickness, storms, equipment failures and minor injuries).

Throughout the challenge Matteo has been spurred on by his desire to cross the Atlantic and to help raise awareness of two charities (Associazione Neuroblastoma and Cardiac Risk in the Young). Matteo has found the support from friends and family has really helped, especially in the more challenging times like when he was confined to the cabin for three days during a storm. The storm later turned in to Hurricane Alex!

As Matteo nears land he is starting to think about what life on land will be like when he returns, he is also starting to crave something cool to eat / drink like ice cream and he fancies a pizza!

Matteo will have changed physically and mentally during the challenge, he has lost weight but also showed courage and determination when faced with the challenges that make this adventure the world’s toughest race.

Matteo is approaching 400nm to go, his family will be travelling out to Antigua at the end of this week and we hope he will arrive by the middle of next week ready to share his tales from the Ocean.

UPDATE (11/02/16) – Matteo finished yesterday, in a record 52 days 3 hours and 26 minutes, winning the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge Pure Solo Class!