The place has been buzzing since we have re-opened. Everyone delighted to be back and lots of activities on the go. Tommy Y has gained the nickname of “Van Gough” as he’s been painting gates, fences, benches, chairs the raised beds – anything that can be painted is getting a revamp. Frank and new member David have transformed the garden by weeding it to an inch of its life. Gordon, Martin, Tommy H and John have completed  a monoblock path and tidied up the allotment we have at Haggs Castle and planted the vegetables  we grew from seeds. The polytunnel is full of tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, butternut squash and thai basil and the strawberries, potatoes, onions and cabbages in the raised beds are coming on a treat.  The men have taken on a project to help a local Primary school which is in a deprived area where the majority of the pupils are from ethnic minority backgrounds. The guys will work to provide benches around an oak tree and a fire pit for the children to do more outdoor learning, and they will repair the children’s “mud kitchen” and play areas. We will show you pictures once the project has been completed.