July – August

A bountiful harvest in our vegetable garden despite all the extreme weather conditions. It was hard work during the summer. Provided the plants could be kept well-watered the growth was unstoppable.

Our flower garden too was full of flower. Countless people commented on the blaze of colour and of course the flowers are there for all to enjoy and cut for decorating their home too.

We had a long list of plants that had been grown, mostly from seed. Happily, everything grew.

Your money was also used to grow Tomatoes and Cucumbers in our greenhouse. The warm summer was excellent for them and they fruited very well and enjoyed by many in our community.

September – October

As the flowers slowly faded an endless supply of cooking apples took over the demand. We are proud to say this helped raise a further £167 for the NHS charity that we decided would benefit from our hard work this year along with our own village hall.

November – December

The frost sensitive plants have been lifted and stored, the ground cleared of all dying plants, leaving the soil to rest over winter for the 2021 growing season.

All we can sell to the community now is logs, collected and cut from the fallen trees around the community garden.