January – February 

Lots of preparation in the Community Garden. A few winter Leeks were harvested, but most of my time has been spent clearing the garden and digging the soil. We are fortunate enough to get Horse manure form our local stables and this is great for the soil, but of course it is extremely hard labour digging it into the ground. 

March – April 

With shops and Garden Centres being closed due to the Corona Virus outbreak the biggest challenge has been getting potting compost needed for repotting the early greenhouse sowings. Stores that are open to online orders and delivery sold all their stock in a few days and were unable to get further stock from manufacturers. With no other supplies in sight it was a case of begging friends and neighbours for their help.  

Thankfully not all veg needs starting in a greenhouse and we could plant our potatoes and onion sets. 

May – June 

The fantastic weather has been great for growing plants. The vegetable garden will have Potatoes, Onions, Parsnips, Peas and Beans.  A few of Tomato and Pea plants that have grown so well were quickly snapped up when offered around our village with any cash donations for the plants this year going to the NHS. This raised an amazing £70, all of which will help the NHS in this difficult time. 

 Our raised bed has been planted out in June. We have 18 different types of flowers comprising of over 150 individual plants that will give a spectacular throughout July and August. To inform anyone that stops to admire I have tagged all the plants and have an index showing what each tag represents. 

The growth of our vegetables in our Community Garden is looking great too.