The Meesden Village Committee is made up of a group of volunteers from the village to put on social events for the village enhancing the feeling of community and to raise money in order to maintain both the village hall and the church for all to use.

The money Vegware has donated so far has ben used to cover the cost of maintaining a Community Garden in which vegetables are grown and up it for sale outside the Village Hall. All labour for the Committee Hall maintenance and Garden upkeep is provided free of charge.

The vegetables displayed outside the Hall are not generally seen by the passing public, but are well known by the residents who both use them and occasionally add their own excess vegetables grown in their own garden. We do not set a price for the vegetables as we find that people are generous in their donation, knowing it is going to a good cause.

Thanks to Vegware’s continued support this last year we have been able to build a raised flower bed and surround it with a decorative fence to protect it all from being eaten.