Indonesian Food Festival 2016 was successfully held in Teviot Debating Hall, University of Edinburgh considering time and budget constrained faced during the preparation. We have attracted 280 people, both students and families with children living in Edinburgh. We have introduced various dishes of Indonesia, as well as performed Indonesia traditional Saman dance and medley of folklore songs.

We have used Vegware on our past event, but this was the first time we used it in a large scale. We are really pleased with Vegware products. Its materials are sturdy, yet they are easy to dispose of because they are compostable and can be mixed with food waste. We are sincerely glad because we could introduce Indonesian cuisine to the Edinburgh community without contributing non-recyclable waste to the environment, all thanks to Vegware.

We thank Vegware for the great support and hope we will be able to help Vegware in every way in the future.