Last month we mentioned we were hoping to create a hide at our centre to enable folk to view our badgers and pine martens. We have now received permission from Scottish Natural Heritage to do this and we have enlisted the help of our local 19th Argyll Explorer Scouts to work out at what time our badgers turn up each evening.

The Scouts were keen to carry out a conservation project so we gave them a couple of camera traps which they set up behind our centre. Over 4 successive weeks they monitored the badgers’ comings and goings, as well as picking up various other night time visitors such as foxes and roe deer. Any of the food left out that remained in the morning was picked up by a hooded crow, that showed a remarkable ability to arrange the food in order to pick up multiple pieces in its bill!

As a result of the Scouts efforts we have established that the badgers arrive at around 9.30pm at this time of year, which will be ideal for future viewing events.