We actually have a really good excuse because we went down to Bristol last week to support some of her partner and sister organisations such as @wavewahines to organise a women’s and girls event at The Wave.

The wave is an inland wave pool machine that enhances performance surfers and beginners alike. Surfing today England and Scotland as dominated by males and it was great to do a takeover of the wave pool that day.


Some of the Groundswell team and some younger Scottish surfers made the journey down and it was fantastic to make an impact of more than 100 female surfers there on that day.

In March we also delivered our first surf therapy program of the year with a local East Lothian organisation that supports people through mental health journeys towards positivity and employment.


We also delivered some community sessions and we are excited about starting our second Surf therapy program of the year at the end of April.








Thank you so much for the support from Vegware  it is really helping to give us a safe base for our programmes,


Waves of Love


🌊💞 The Groundswell Scotland team