Groundswell Surf Therapy Programmes

We are delighted  to start our partnership with Vegware! This is great timing as we begin our third season of surf for therapy programs – well-being programs and Surfing curriculum for women recovering from trauma. It has been fantastic to come together in community to support one another and moving on from isolation of the pandemic. We are using tools such as yoga, Breathwork, nature and catching waves to find joy, healing and community.

In May 2020, we hosted our fantastic annual surf festival, with reduced numbers. This is two days of music, fire, yoga, gong, therapeutic writing and coaching as well as a lot of surfing of course!

We also run community programs anyone can join in with, you can find tickets on our social media pages @groundswellscotland.

This month we are part of a small business & non-profit organisation initiative called ‘The Big Clean’ as we clean up our coastline between Berwickshire and East Lothian.