Glasgow’s Golden Generation is grateful to Vegware for its continuing support. Below is a brief update of what has been happening at our day centres over the past few months. Omicron posed some challenges but we were delighted to keep our day centres open throughout.

Service users at the David Cargill Centre were keen to play carpet bowls (a popular game in all of our centres!). Our staff got everything set up for a game and as you can see everyone enjoyed it – whether playing or spectating!

Service users at the Fred Paton Centre had the best time on St. Andrews Day with meaningful activities including music and food celebrating our Scottish culture.

Service users at the David Cargill Day Centre enjoyed some art. Here’s Betty van Gogh and her brilliant painting with watercolours – we love it

Love is in the air! Service users at Fred Paton Day Centre have been making and decorating empire biscuits for Valentine’s Day.