June update – Introducing a new project partner

Over the course of this year we’ve been developing our work with local organisations who share
our aims and values.

NKS was set up in 1987 to promote the health and well-being of South Asian women and their
families living in Edinburgh. Here are a few words from our NKS project worker, Meghna Saxena:

“Our collaboration with Edinburgh Garden Partners helps to establish inter-cultural relationships
among people of the South Asian community and individuals of different ethnic backgrounds. So
far, we have successfully established four garden partnerships and are working towards more.
Our collaboration helps people of different ages and abilities to come together and enjoy green

In the present situation with the Covid-19 lockdown many people have been deprived of any sort
of social interaction. As interaction between garden owners and volunteers usually takes place
outdoors, they can continue to share their knowledge and life experiences.

We hope that our work with Edinburgh Garden Partners will create new friendships which will be helpful in decreasing various mental health problems that have arisen because of the lockdown.”August update – Harvest!

July Update – The many benefits of garden sharing

Sharing fresh produce is just one of the many ways our volunteers continued to support their
garden partners through the lockdown. During this time we also started to hear about the
tremendous benefit garden sharing has on the health and well-being of the volunteers themselves:
“Especially with lockdown, knowing and still being able to visit the garden safely was a big mental
health saviour and haven for me as I otherwise had no access to private outdoor space. That and
the distanced chats with my garden partner was really grounding during a particularly stressful
time.” – EGP volunteer.

August update – Vision, mission, and values

At the start of the year we reported on our strategic planning process. In August we were pleased
to present our complete strategic plan 2020-2025, which has been published on our website and
is available to download. On the basis of our assessment of the opportunities and threats posed
to our work, and the unique strengths and constraints of our organisation, we have refined and
redrafted our vision, mission, and values statements:


We strive for sustainable, connected communities where everyone lives well and has space to


We are a community organisation active across Edinburgh. We aim to strengthen communities by
creating relationships between people who want a space to grow and those who have garden
space to share. We connect people of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds to build a shared
gardening movement through the exchange of skills, knowledge, and life experience.


• We are inclusive and strive to bring people of different ages and backgrounds together in a spirit
of shared endeavour.
• We are nurturing, of gardens and of relationships.
• We are open, to new ideas, new ways of working, and in the way we communicate.
• We are collaborative, and believe that our organisation, partnerships, and communities are
stronger when we work together.
• We are resourceful, in our gardens and in our organisation, making the most of what we have
and sharing our time, knowledge and skills.
• We care about the environment and are committed to encouraging sustainability and respect for
our planet.

Edinburgh Garden Partners – September update – Annual survey

Every year in the autumn we send out a survey to all of our garden partners to give us an
indication of how we’re making an impact. This year we asked our volunteers and garden owners
what they valued most about their garden partner. Here are a few of the responses: