Since last year, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home have continued to rescue, reunite and rehome pets as well as expand on our outreach work, reaching out into the community to provide education and to support pets and their owners in times of need.

 In the last six months, we have rescued 69 dogs and 52 cats, reunited 35 dogs and 7 cats, and rehomed 64 dogs and 46 cats. Our pet food bank, Paws Pantry, is continuing to expand and we are now supporting over 1,500 pets each month, and have provided over 16,000 meals to pets in the community since the start of 2022.

Whilst we will always be there for the dogs and cats that arrive at our doors, we want to help keep pets in loving homes, and services like Paws Pantry help us to do this. This year, we launched Canine First Aid – a course delivered by our qualified team, offering the public a recognised qualification. The aim of the course is to equip pet owners with the skills needed to administer emergency first aid to their dogs and to recognise signs of injury or illness at the earliest possible stage. Our next goal is to offer a community outreach element to this course, delivering basic pet care courses to pet owners in the community to reduce the likelihood of injuries or illnesses worsening unnecessarily, subsequently reducing the likelihood of unaffordable vet bills and increasing animal welfare standards.

The Home relies almost entirely on fundraising to provide our essential services, and we can’t thank Vegware enough for their continued support enabling us to continue our vital work. Thank-you.