We have been working in Craigmillar, Edinburgh, on a ‘magical woodland walk’ and ‘imaginary forest project’: Working with the children and staff from Castleview, Niddriemill & St Francis Primary Schools, our imaginary forest workshops and CPD sessions aim to inspire creative approaches to outdoor learning, using whatever outdoor space a school has available (even if there is not a tree or flower in sight!) These school based workshops led up to our big community event, which brought over 120 people into Craigmillar Castle Park to enjoy our forest circus, which was themed around the Autumn harvest.

Rowanbank Environmental Arts & Education is committed to working with people that otherwise might not have easy access to the arts & green space, and inspiring them to use their local environment for outdoor learning, play and creativity…Thank you Vegware for continuing to support our environmental work in socially deprived communities around Scotland :0)