The Growing Award was promoted to all Highland schools in October 2015 and as a result about 25 schools responded asking for more details about the Award. As RoWAN had no funding at that time to support schools directly each school was sent the Award information sheet and pupil checklist , along with an invitation to email if they required any further assistance.

By June 2016 several schools had been in touch to say they were either doing the Award independently and using the structure to suit their situation or wished to have certificates awarded to pupils who had followed the Award for nearly nine months.

The schools receiving certificates in 2016 are:

Grantown Grammar School – 3 Bronze (Second year)

Carbost Primary School – 8 Bronze

Eigg Primary School – 2 Gold (Second year)

Smithton Primary School – 1 Bronze, 11 Silver.

The funding from Veware is now allowing us to support schools directly, update our information and consider adapting the Award for use by adult groups. In September we shall be promoting the Award at an education event in Inverness. We will highlight the fact we will be providing  a more comprehensive project to schools and other groups over the academic year 2016-17,and shall be evaluating the successes of the Award.