The cabin for the Rhubarb Farm Men in Sheds Project was successfully delivered to the Farm on 12th January.

Tim the driver was brilliant. He used all his ingenuity and skill to get the cabin in position. It took a couple of lifts and the uncoupling of the trailer to achieve it. Volunteer Dave Allison really got stuck in and worked alongside Tim, hands on help and also encouraging him when it looked impossible!

Our thanks and gratitude to all those who helped us at Britcabs and Hutchinsons. We also have to thank Cllr Joan Dixon for finding us the funding for the Men in Sheds Project from the DCC Community Priorities Fund. We have also met with the Director of the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, Jenny Jenner, her deputy, Liz Patterson and the Show Operations Manager, Amy Foster, at the School of Artisan Food to continue the planning for the Artisan Kitchen Theatre, to be run by the School of Artisan Food, and the Edible Feature, to be run by Rhubarb Farm.


We are all so excited about this new venture which will be the “must visit” horticultural event of 2017. Rhubarb Farm’s Edible Feature will be in 2 parts – a 1940s allotment and a Garden For Hard Times, showing how veg can be grown using recycled materials at very little cost. The RHS have allocated us a design team of Chris Smith and Mike Milligan of Pennard Plants in Somerset, who are designing the Feature and supporting our growing. This is a huge opportunity for all involved, and we would love to see our volunteers dressed in their 1940’s Sunday best for the occasion.