Good Morning, We would like to say thank you to the community team at Vegware for the support being provided on our new venture within the grounds of Batley Girls High School as the management of the farm is transferred to volunteers.

We know the new team have to focus on the basics as the foundations laid will help us build with strength and looking back is often a good place to start moving forward!

The conditions during the winter months can be a bit grim to say the least as the clay soil soon becomes waterlogged as the photo attached taken in January indicates and our attempts to install land drainage has only been partially successful within a small area. So we certainly have a massive task ahead.

The general land conditions at the moment are holding up with little rain so far or have I spoken too soon with snow predicted over the next couple of days.

We had to say goodbye to our goats Ollie and Stanley during the change over to ensure their welfare was fully supported however they have not moved too far away and onto a really nice family small holding. I’m sure they will enjoy their pastures new. 

The support from the students over the last couple of years has been really special as the attached photo compilation shows and the new team will have to establish a new working regime.

So we look forward to a season of change as those autumnal leaves drop that signal change and let’s hope that change won’t be too drastic!