gowpaNovember has been another cold month so there haven’t been a lot of service users out in the garden, however there has been lots of planning behind the scenes. Another planning meeting took place to decide how best to go about developing the garden and an action plan is now in place!

The group which is planning the garden is made up of service users, GOPWA staff and also staff from the Woodland Community Development Trust. GOPWA staff don’t have a lot of experience with gardens so are relying on the service users and Woodland’s Community Development Trust to lead the way!

There have been lots of suggestions from the group as to what to include in the garden – geraniums, petunias, lilac trees, begonias as well as strawberries, peas, berries and currants. It is hoped that the garden will become a haven for wildlife and welcome people into the centre.

The team are also working with the kitchen staff to see what produce could be grown for use in lunches and snacks. It’s all very exciting and we can’t wait to get started!