December marked the end of 2016 and gave us an opportunity to reflect on what a great year we have had at The Garden…

2016 saw us host community events including our Spring Open Day, we celebrated Herbal Medicine Week as part of The Chelsea Fringe, our Music Day was a great success and everyone enjoyed our Falling Leaves Arts & Crafts Festival.

In December, we held our TOOL SHED DARK ROOM exhibition, showcasing and selling work that was the outcome of a photographic workshop at the Garden, which ran over five months in 2016.  Facilitated by Jason Evans, the workshop was open to everyone, and made use of the tool shed, which lacks running water, mains electricity and light proofing. Red LED head torches served as safe lights. An old pond liner blacked out enough of a corner. A hose pipe washed prints at the end of the day… However, despite the challenges our guys produce so great work and the show was a great success!

 To end the year, we hosted The Garden Gate Christmas Dinner.  About 40 people chowed down on Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, pulled crackers and scoffed mince pies in the poly tunnel.

 We are all looking forward to 2017 and excited at the prospect of lots of fun events, workshops and activities.  Thank you Vegware for your kind support.