We’ve recently had a development that supports our desire to press forwards with expanding our project. We have for some years tried to work with small allotments and over the years it has become clear that whilst they are valuable they are not the most accessible resource for those with mobility issues and can even restrict social inclusion. One of our key barriers is getting people to understand that disabled people can garden. 

However, barriers to social inclusion has recently again been an issue and so our founders have taken the decision that to reach out to and be inclusive to everyone within the whole community of Rotherham and to make a significant contribution towards addressing multiple deprivation cycles, the community farm route is the best way forwards. This has been further evidenced as we joined a food partnership group in November.

Part of the design involves creating woodland for enhanced environment and additional food sources. We have made some progress with this at a start-up stage.

We attended an asset transfer consultation last week and have identified other potential sites, so further funding is absolutely essential.

We are now recruiting a brand new committee for a period of 3 years as we progress towards asset purchase and management.

For the first time, we are fortunate enough to have available to us the opportunity to run a range of open days for 2017. We will be able to announce the dates in the New Year.