A good helping of traditional winter veg started cropping up thick and fast at Caerhys this month, with the first leeks, brussel sprouts and butternut squashes all appearing in the share shed. And of course, some timely pumpkins for Halloween. There have still been some reminders of summer though, as October also saw the last of the tomatoes, green peppers, courgettes, cucumbers, french beans, and the current crop of salads. All in addition to seasonal staples of potatoes, turnips, carrots, kale and swiss chard.

As a consequence of that seasonal shift in veggies, it’s been all change in both polytunnels. The french beans, peppers and tomato plants have all been removed, and the soil prepared and turned in both. The replanting has only just begun, with Poly 1 providing a new home for hundreds of freshly transplanted salad leaves, but with many many more to do. Meanwhile in Poly 2, ten lines of carrots have been planted, with cabbages and chards to follow shortly.

All in all, plenty of work for Caz the grower and our volunteers to crack on with. As well as the usual members getting stuck in during our weekly harvest, this month we’ve been joined by two woofers – Catherine from Scotland who’s currently doing something of a woofing tour of Wales, and Clement, from France, who is returning to the farm once again, one of many visits since he first came to the farm two years ago! And of course, our long term EVS volunteer Agnès is still working away, her ten months at COCA up at the end of November. It’s flown by, only one month left!