fb_img_1471079875634July over already! It seems time flies when you are hosting a raft of volunteers from around the world. This month COCA welcomed nine participants for the third UNA work camp of the year, plus six woofers, two activists from Friends of the Earth, and of course our two existing EVS volunteers. At one point COCA had representatives from France, Belgium, Spain, Wales, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany and the US.

Collectively, Caz and the group carried out the major task of transplanting all of the cabbages and leeks (4000 of them!) into the field, as well as sowing and transplanting the next crop of salads. They also carried out vast amounts of weeding, especially around the carrots, parsnips and cabbages, which is a mammoth job in itself.

And obviously we also had the usual weekly harvest, with July seeing the first of the french beans, courgettes, and tomatoes in the veg box, and the last of the broad beans.

Photos: the volunteers hard at work + one of the veg shares.