The Rocket seed experiment continues more so with our year nine students and several specific data recordings have now been noted.

The number of seeds sown, number of days until the first seed germinated, number of seeds that germinated by day 10, number of days it took for the first true leaves to grow, number of seedlings still alive on day 17 and finally to date the height of the tallest seedling in each tray.

The need to control the growing conditions that includes the amount of light and water provided during the experiment has allowed the students a better understanding of this Science experiment.

Several students have now been able to take home bantam chicks having spent time at the Farm observing the incubation process and now wanting to care for them at home. The support of parents is welcomed as each student had to show that everything was in place to allow for the continued wellbeing of the chicks.


Vegatables are growing well in the warm and humid conditions both in the Polly tunnel and the raised beds – pictures speak a thousand words!

Help and support to and from our TRA members continues along and with a call from our local boys school who are seeking to use our goats to graze an area of land within their school farm area. So Ollie and Stanley may be taking a short trip soon!