It’s not Rocket Science or is it?

Picture1We are over the Moon literally with results here on the farm as we plant the seeds of education and look forward to the future. The added value to our student’s education here on the farm can’t be emphasised enough and with seed from the International Space Station, an activity linked with the UK Space Agency, is no better place to blast off.

The school received a red and blue packet of “Rocket” salad leaf seeds and over a period of 35 days a controlled experiment was launched. Only one of the packets had been into space but which one? On specific days throughout the experiment students had to record the percentage germinated, growth rate in height, average number of leaves per seedling whilst providing a controlled amounts of light and water.

Our findings were entered onto the national data base for analysis and as yet we still haven’t been advised as to which pack contained the seed from the space station. However we believe it was the Red packet!