April brought with it a variety of food. Lots of donations of unique offerings that we don’t normally have, it was warming to see so many families wanting to cook for our guests, so in addition to the usual meatballs and rice we offer every week, this month we had chilli con carne, biryani, chicken and cheese melts from Khaao Karachi and burgers from BUK.


Easter eggs were an obvious hit too! Thanks to Hand on Heart for bringing them along with Essential packs for all the guests which included toiletries, T-Shirts, socks, underwear etc.


This month we had eggs donated by volunteers and local stores, for guests who are in temporary accommodation with access to cooking facilities eggs are a great donation.

Ultimately, April taught us to ALWAYS have faith in our sponsors and volunteers. When at the 11th hour a main donor backed out because of medical reasons, leaving us 40 meals short! It was too short notice to source more meals, however when we arrived we found volunteers had filled the plug and brought with them an array of meals for the guests to enjoy.


In the end, guests didn’t even realise had a last-minute panic and crisis was averted.


Teamwork is amazing and people’s kindness towards our guests never-ending.


Thank you to each and everyone, you truly allow our guests to know they are never forgotten.



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