Remember the days when people were fighting over toilet paper and couldn’t get enough of it? Soup kitchens like ours also struggled to get the supplies we needed, kitchen roll was nowhere to be found nor were nitrate gloves.


Thankfully those days are behind us and October saw us distributing toilet paper to each of our guests. A pack of 4 for each guest meant over 400 rolls had to be backed into a car and driven over! It’s a service we hope to be able to provide once a month from now on.

Children of Adam with their donation of toilet roll in their October 2021 update




Volunteers at Children of Adam distributing supplies to people who need them.

One of the beautiful aspects of charity work is how so many organisations come together for a common goal.


Halloween ghouls also joined us and with them came shorter days and no daylight during the distribution!! It suddenly got spooky out there….

This month we, once again, teamed up with Food4All, Time2Help, Positive Action and NDC Association and together we provided our guests not only with hot meals, desserts, fruit/veg, drinks, soup, and bread, but we also distributed fleece blankets, toiletries, socks, gloves, hats, and other winter essentials to see them through as the temperatures begin to drop.


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