June brought with it unstable weather but, as always, our service remained regular throughout. It was also the month that we joined the Vegware Community Fund and started our journey to turning green.

A number of guests returned to the service having been forced back on to the streets after the term of their temporary accommodation expired. It’s always bitter sweet having guests return.

Children of Adam served more than 550 meals in June including hot meals (both meat and vegetarian), fruits, desserts, sandwiches, pizzas, ready meals which those with access to cooking facilities could take home, soups and cold drinks.


Guests always leave the distribution with a few days worth of food.


But as ever it is our volunteers who made it all possible, collecting the food from local stores, liaising with other charities to make sure we always have sufficient goods to distribute and providing a friendly service for guests to feel welcome and comfortable.


July 2021 is a big month for us… it’s our 10 year anniversary. Our guests are excited, some have been with us since day 1!