Whiffle Pig’s wheelchair accessible allotment and The Big Green Pig Project has now officially begun! Our allotment was opened by the eminent Professor Stefan Buczacki who fully endorsed the benefits of nature and gardening in the recovery and rehabilitation of our hospital and community referrals. Whiffle Pig’s ongoing fight against mental illness caused by social isolation has now got the power of plants behind it! A local residential living facility in Derby has requested a regular delivery of Whiffle Pig allotment produce that has been grown by residents, we’re confident that this will be one of many. To accompany this, we also have seasonal recipes from a Specialist Community Dietitian to address malnutrition in the elderly. Our very first outdoor workshop in August was based around windchimes to give a more sensory feel to the outdoor space and it certainly was a very windy day! All participants thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and found the new wooden decking paths very easy to navigate with their wheelchairs. What a fantastic start to our project and not forgetting that our giant courgette ‘Alberto’ also caused quite a stir at the local hospital raffle!