When the heatwave struck we did extra outreach sessions during the day in central London, giving out frozen water, ice poles, sun cream, and hats. We also took out extra water on our usual sessions and liaised with other organisations regarding cool space provision.

We have been enjoying watching lots of sports at our residential project, with the commonwealth games and women’s football being big talking points.

We’ve had a few people suffering from covid which has been more debilitating than previous occasions, with people taking much longer to recover.

Friday games continue, we had fun introducing our new resident to Pictionary which he’d never played before and found very funny (please see attached an attempt and drawing a bouncy castle!).

We had a birthday and managed to decorate a cake with more cake which everyone enjoyed.

This Friday we are having a Community picnic. We do this in August as lots of other organisations reduce or close their provision over the summer. It’s a good opportunity to have some longer conversations with guests and catch up with volunteers and other organisations in a fun environment.