The last month brought us wonderful variety of surplus produce to transform into nourishing free food for our community: we’ve had blood oranges, leeks, apples, pears, broccoli, watermelon and fresh herbs including dill, coriander and thyme. We’ve made cheese and herb scones, and squeezed fresh orange juice.

We were interviewed for a podcast examining waste and how to tackle it a few weeks ago; one of the points that came up was not only about the positive benefit of the programme on reducing food waste, but also the positive benefits for those of us who take part in the project. Our sessions run on Friday afternoons, and it’s such a satisfying way to end the week. No matter what has gone on in the previous five days, we wrap the week up having created something tangible, useful, helpful and delicious. Many of us leave with a portion of soup to take home, and feeling good that we’ve spent an afternoon in the company of people who have become friends.