The Garden Gate Project - November Update

Remember, remember the 5th of November…

We have been busy building a bonfire over the past few weeks ready for the big burn.  Everyone was nice and toasty around the fire and we managed to get rid of a lot of the garden rubbish that had been mounting up as well!

The sweet potatoes are ready and it looks like we’ll have a great crop. We’re taking hammer cuttings from the foliage to see if we can propagate them for next year, so sweet potato curry all round this week!  We also received a great donation of cacti… we will do what we can to keep them warm and happy through to the summer.

In order to make the garden as accessible as possible we have been repairing and renewing paths around the garden and starting on general maintenance jobs.  These are the jobs that will continue to keep us going over the Winter months and into the Spring.