January has mostly been a planning month for our support groups but we have done some great awareness raising. Our Chairperson James Stewart was invited on to the Kaye Adams Show on BBC Radio Scotland to talk about the inauguration of Joe Biden as US President. Joe Biden has a stammer and with his election, it’s a huge opportunity to help raise the profile of stammering with the challenges that people can face. We have also successfully planned for a new support group that will be meeting in February for the first time for young people who stammer.


We published a new blog on our website from our Organiser and Trustee Cheryl King called “Changing my mindset around living with a stammer’. Link here: Changing my mindset around living with my stammer – Scottish Stammering Network


Three of our Trustee’s also held a meeting with the BBC Scotland Diversity Lead to discuss ways to work together to promote the issues that people with a stammer face to help create more awareness of the condition.