Scottish Beekeepers' Association - November update

Even though our honeybees are in hibernation we’ve been out and about this month, across Scotland chatting to lots of folks about honeybees, their importance and what we can do to help them. We’d great delight in chatting to pupils from Tarradale Primary School in Muir of Ord and they were buzzing afterwards.

After speaking to hobby beekeepers at Nairn Beekeeping Association we ventured south to spend 2 days in Dumfries as part of RHET Food and Farming events. Over 300 pupils from 6 local secondary schools discovered out all there is to know about honeybees and beekeeping, and were delighted to sample a variety of delicious honeys. We were overwhelmed by the commitment and support of pupils from Annan Academy’s Bee Club, who did a fantastic job introducing everyone to the wonderful honeybee hive!

A few of our beekeeping members were honoured to be asked by Kelso Academy to provide some expert advice to groups of pupils at their ‘I Wonder’ Bee day.  A variety of ‘I wonder how’ bee questions were posed, and the experts assisted the teams in exploring the answers and creating some wonderful videos to present them. And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the beekeepers themselves learnt some new things, like how to wire and programme a Raspberry pi.

Even though December is a shorter month, we’ve still got a packed programme of visits to look forward too!