After the lows of last month’s break-in, this month Replastic has reached an all-time high; our Washed Up campaign has garnered attention from every corner of the globe. To date we’ve had plastic sent in from all over the UK and from as far afield as Mauritius to New Jersey, with new parcels arriving almost every day!

A big thanks to Katie, our co-founder, who’s put in a lot of overtime to get this campaign off the ground. As we start to experiment with the design of our exhibition pieces, the pressure is building to do justice to the amazing efforts of all the people who’ve taken part so far.

We have all seen the shocking images of birds and whales with their guts full of plastic, or turtles and seals tangled in nets. But it’s no easier for smaller marine life, and there’s a growing concern not just around the physical effects of plastic pollution, but the chemical and biological. The Washed Up campaign hopes not only to bring attention to the issue of marine plastic pollution, but also to catalogue the kinds of plastic that’s washing up on our beaches, so that we can put pressure in the right places to stem the flow of waste.

There’s still time to take part, please visit our website for more details.