Groundswell Scotland

Groundswell Scotland is a surf therapy non-profit organisation for Trauma Recovery. We facilitate programmes designed to improve and develop self-regulation, embodiment practices and healing tools through surfing’s connection to nature, community and self.

Our programs are primarily for women with 16+ ensuring we reach out diversely with our ambitious programme goals

We train Groundswell Scotland volunteer facilitators and volunteer ‘sea-sister’ mentors to hold space in and out of the ocean to support program participants.

Communities benefit from active and dynamic citizenship through the dedication of volunteers & participants. Our cutting-edge training includes vocational qualifications in surf safety, coaching and surf therapy facilitation. Through our training and programmes, we support cleaner, safer beaches & communities, improving the quality of life for staff, volunteers & surf sisters who attend the programmes while applying conservation principles in our practice.

As lockdown restrictions start to ease Groundswell Scotland wants to continue project work by offering three programmes between May 2021 and November 2021, totaling 1029 hours of surf therapy.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a vast increase in the numbers of domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault. Groundswell’s brilliant programmes are designed to help heal and provide a safe space for trauma recovery. Participating in the surf therapy programmes allows women to access a specialist course specifically aimed at helping trauma survivors build their own sustainable tools for wellbeing.