June – July 2019

The group held a horticulture course at the allotments, for its staff and volunteers. Ten people passed the course and received certificates. A new bench and seating table was built for the staff, volunteers and groups we will be working with. A compost area was built so we can make our own compost.

July – August – September 2019

The volunteers harvested the fruit and vegetables we had grown over the year. Most of the food was used to cook with. One of the groups we worked with was people with mental and physical disabilities.

October – November 2019

The staff and volunteers, Cleared the allotments for next year, They cleaned all the pots and greenhouse, ready for next year. This included throwing away any old plants and a general tidy up.

December 2019

Consisted of an array of meetings with the local primary school, and local housing company. Next year we will be working with the local primary school, teaching the children how to grow fruit and vegetables, composting and help turn their garden into an allotment. There is also planned visits from various groups to our allotment. At the back of our greenhouse there are plans to get it flagged and turned into a workshop area.