All of our registration documents for our conversion to a CIC are now with Companies House and the CIC regulator, awaiting approval for our CIC registration. This is bringing a halt to applying for further funding until this is complete (under the advice of our solicitor) due to the changing liabilities under the new structure. It’s a frustrating period for us as all we can do is wait but our solicitor is hoping that everything will go through smoothly.

Our lunch and games club restarts today after the Christmas break.

We are starting a new raised bed gardening project at the end of January.

We have a meeting with Key Fund coming up in 2 weeks time, which we hope will help us set up a ne independent housing project, so myself and the new housing team are busy working on this. We have found some suitable properties. We have spoken to Social Services and will be having a meeting with them in the coming days to discuss our project with them further.