We are having the busiest summer that we have had since we founded Feed Our Communities in 2012. There aren’t any time for holidays for us. 🙂

This month we are busy with finalising arrangements for a host of activities including: new education and training opportunities, marketing, social activities and events all for the new academic year.

We are now able to have our original bright colourful logo, redesigned and edited so that we can keep the logo with the name Feed Our Communities. We encountered problems last year with the original template and we were forced to have a new logo but this hasn’t been as popular. However, we have found someone that can redesign it with our current name Feed Our Communities (we began as Feed the Community). We are also hoping to have our new website up and running in the coming weeks.

We have a new bid writing service coming up within the next 2 weeks to organisations that require funding but may wish to have help sourcing funding.

Rotherham Show will also soon be upon us at the beginning of September, so we are making final preparations for that and have requested use of a smoothie bike to raise money. We ran a very successful fundraiser in 2013 with a Smoothie Bike and would like the opportunity to do this again.

We also look forward to welcoming our new clients within the new academic year and again we are making final preparations for that.