img_1182June and July are probably the busiest months of the year for us here at EGP. The phone rings endlessly with stressed, elderly/vulnerable garden owners looking for help with their gardens that are in full flourishing mode…. We desperately try to match these gardens to willing volunteer gardeners but usually the number of gardens outstrips the supply of willing bodies!

We thus run an ongoing volunteer recruitment drive at this time of year. To add an additional tricky dimension to our garden/volunteer juggling act, the Leith area this year has given us particular issues with a lack of gardens coming forward. Thus we needed to actively recruit gardens in that area. As we struggle on with a very difficult financial situation printing more recruitment materials to allow us to maintain our services becomes difficult. We took the decision in June to use our life-saving Vegware money to secure enough printed recruitment materials to last us over the summer and maybe a little further beyond.

Huge thanks, as ever, to Vegware for this invaluable pot of money that simply allows us a bit of spontaneity and flexibility within a crazily tight budget!

Here our our lovely recruitment cards, fast spilling out across the city!