A Tragedy Averted
The Mirzo family were split up in their escape from Syria, Mohammed age 16 got lost and ended in Bulgaria where he starved in a forest, was detained, released, had his shoulder broken by fascists and reached his family in Cardiff 4 years later in Spring this year. The family run the Royal Coast Cafe, employ, pay taxes and have leave to remain in the UK. Mohammed was now 19 and did not have an automatic right to remain. He was applying for it, but at one meeting with the Home Office he was taken into detention for deportation back to Bulgaria. His mental and physical health was still very poor from his endurance feat.
Vegware paid for my ticket to go to Cardiff to help a group of school children campaign, comfort the family and challenge the authorities with a media storm. The Welsh community rose in a wave of high pressure. Everyone played a part: Media, school children, over 8000 clicktovists, MPs. The storm started days after he was detained and intensified fast. With a national media hurricane force 4 expected the next day, he was released 8 days after detention, to the tears and arms of his family. The media dropped its howl instantly and changed to a story of relief and reunion. What a whirlwind.