DSC02691Volunteering with BHSG

On the 22nd June after shop hours, a representative and trainer from the National Grocer’s Association visited the shop. She offered the volunteers a training session with guidance and tips on grocer shop practice and display with fresh goods.

The volunteers were given a presentation then some practical training in the shop. Everyone enjoyed the visit and said the tips were very interesting and helpful.

Our volunteers will all take a well-earned break for a couple of weeks while the shop is shut for Edinburgh Trades holidays. The staff will take a few days too!

DSC02671Other activities in the community

June has been a busy month with the end of all our term time activities and planning and promotion for our extensive summer programme.  We have Adult outings, Buggy Gym, Cooking up a story and Cooking with kids and a big street party on 11th August.

We have had a fantastic term which has included  two new activities, Tone & Flex and Weaning Classes. Our ongoing activities of Adult cooking classes, Walking Group and Chair exercise have produced lots of tasty recipes, lots of fresh air walks and some very ‘active’ seated exercise. Great fun and well attended learning opportunities for many people in the Broomhouse Community

Buggy Gym has energised many new mums, who have loved joining the group’

‘It has helped me regain confidence in my body. I have more energy after working out which allows me to give back more to my daughter.
What Alicja is doing with BuggyGym is so worthwhile. She makes it welcoming and accessible for everyone at all levels of fitness. BuggyGym has truly helped me find me again and shake off the loneliness I felt being at home.’

We also have ‘Weaning Classes’ too. This first six week term have been very well received’ some of the Buggy Gym mums have gone on to take part in the weaning group with Alicja. We are seeking funding currently and are optimistic we will be able to offer a new term of ‘Weaning’ in the autumn.