Cilgwyn Community Group - November Update

Once upon a time a lowly birth was meant to signal the salvation of the earth. That meaning got rather lost in gift wrapping.

The Cilgywn Climate Fair on 22nd in St. Dogmaels will unwrap the humble births of global salvation against the ultimate threat of climate catastrophe.

Helped by funding from Vegware the fair is for enjoyment, information, inspiration, action, and ethical shopping. Here’s some of the discussion leaders:

Gerald Miles from Caerhys community farm, St. Davids has led the global fight back against giant corporations seeking control over the world’s food. He represents the Land Workers Alliance, globally called La Via Campesina.

His words are like mulled wine in a frozen tundra.

META is a scheme from the opposite direction. The Marine Energy Test Area is coming to the Milford Haven waters to test tidal and wave power devices in real sea environments.  It is munificently funded by European and Swansea City Region investment. An exhibition and possibly a speaker will explain the plans. The movement of waters along the coast of Wales could power Wales and beyond. Our coast has one of the best tidal power capacities in the world but so far nothing but wasted money and disappointment has come to Wales. We could do so much better! Hello META.

From another polar opposite advances the Extinction Rebellion. The rebel army are so exasperated by the inaction of governments they want to disrupt official activity, peacefully. They hope thereby to force government’s hand to do what they have promised, and know to be right. This is a new movement watched with varying degrees of hope and fear. The mostly young people whose future is being burnt are willing to risk their liberty to halt what looks like a juggernaut of self destruction. Humans have brains but collectively seem unable to use them. The rebels are trying to kick-start intelligent self preservation and avert tragedy for all.

But the main mood of the fair will be the ordinary fun things happening around us, from home made Christmas food and decorations to practical guidance on keeping warm with wood without waste, or the multiple uses of domestic water from a stream or spring: reedbeds for foul water cleansing, and fast flowing water for constant power or bill free domestic water.  There will be green woodworking, rustic loaves from a water mill only yards from the hall, the evocative rural drawings of Sally Seymour and her late husband John’s famous books offered by the family, and much else to reassure us that life in West Wales is still sweet and sustainable.

A speaker from the OPD council will explain the opportunity to build a home and live from the land, anywhere in Wales provided it is a model of One Planet Development. This planning policy is a change won for Wales by informed argument combined with peaceful direct action 

We will have poetry and music, great food, mountain meat burgers, vegan and exotic fare and naughty cakes, with prices to loosen the tightest purse. Entry is free. There is room for a few more climate friendly stalls – please contact Sue: 01239 820951 ( or Vicky: 07791 809 810.