The temperatures suddenly dropped at the end of November, snow started falling and though this is great in the run up to Christmas and helps us get into the mood, it’s less welcome by our guests who are forced to spend large parts of their days outside with no shelter.



Thankfully we were able to distribute Winter Packs, thermals, hats, gloves, scarves, hoodies, toiletries etc, all in a rucksack to our guests just before the drop in temperatures. We also offered sleeping bags and blankets. This drive was with the support of Hand on Heart Charitable Trust. We have already seen an increase in the number of guests asking for thermals and sleeping bags and we handed out nearly 100 in November already, and many are asking for shoes as theirs are worn through.


In addition, November saw us introduce a new hot meal for our guests to enjoy; gourmet burgers from a delicious restaurant in Camden. It’s been hard to transport them to the distribution site.. the temptation to park up and devour each and everyone is always there!!!! But they make a delicious change for our guests, so resisting is rewarding.











We received our supply of Vegware Christmas cups, so we have entered the festive season in style.

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