Our customers have been loving our 21 varieties of soup in this chilly weather.

It is a time of renewal as we look to forward to our new terms of’Bring your baby activities –  Buggy Gym, Duo, and other groups popular groups Chair Exercise and Mindfulness and Adult Walking and our events and sessions of Baby’s First Foods (Weaning Group) We planning our new striders group called ‘Pick up the Pace’  our newest Walking Group for  April.

We are also pleased to be starting our new sessions- ‘Tasty Bite Drop Ins’ in the Fruit and Veg shop  The local community can pop in to see us, they can bring the kids 2–-4pm on Thursdays and chat about recipes, get help with meal planning and budgeting and the kids can have fun with out ‘Tiny Tasters Food Lab

This windy and snowy weather is testing us with having to reschedule some events to keep everyone safe and with the temporary school closures we are making new plans to cover everything.  We will  reach many families through schools outreach with food and nutrition activities in the spring. We had an outing for our Mindfulness group too, that is being rescheduled due to storms yesterday, so we still have that to look forward too in a few weeks. A lovely ‘Mindfulness Walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh’

In March we have a Taster session of Mindfulness for local GP’s and health professionals in a few weeks. We have offered this to give the local practitioners a better insight into the sessions we offer, and to ask their questions directly to the teacher. This should allow them to refer their patients to our sessions and be more knowledgeable and  familiar with the sessions and the expected outcomes.

We also offered our ‘Flatter Tummy Event’ for the postnatal Mums which was well attended.

This month has seen a lot of planning for our reporting at ‘end of financial year’ We evaluate our projects and gather information from our participants.  This is very helpful to inform our future planning and for reporting to our funders and thanks very much to you all at Vegware for your support this year.