Blasie community gardens had a Christmas Craft day on 3rd Dec.  Blaise aims are both to grow fruit, vegetable and flowers organically for the community and to involve and interest children in food production and the natural world. We shall be helping the children (& their parents!)  to make Christamas ornaments from natural materials.  We shall be serving tea/coffee/juice, mince pies & cakes at theis event.  The event was highly successful last year with a high turnover of visitors. 

Thank you Vegware for donating some of your products to our Christmas Craft Day, which was a great success.  Please see below some photos of the event. 

The event was aimed mostly at children with a view to attracting them into the garden again in the growing season, so that they become more aware of where food comes from and how important the natural world is.  We hope to put up a collage of photos from the event, including the compost heap, to demonstrate how we can all do some recycling.